Tuesday night marks the cutoff for registering to vote in the 2016 presidential election.

More than 60 offices throughout New Jersey are keeping the lights on later than usual in order to handle any last-minute applicants.

By law, Commission of Registration offices must remain open until 9 p.m., but select clerk offices are extending hours as well.

As always, the deadline to register is 21 days prior to the General Election. Anyone who wishes to register by mail must have their material postmarked no later than the 18th.

An early October update from the state counts 5,691,466 registered voters in New Jersey, compared to 5,552,475 at the end of May.

Since Jan. 1, Mercer County has had more than 17,000 new voter registrations, according to Catherine DiCostanzo, superintendent of elections for the county. Four years ago, there were about 16,000 registrations over the same time period.

"A lot of them come from the mail, but a lot of them come from the Motor Vehicle Commission," DiCostanzo said.

Approximately 4,800 new registrations have been received over the past month in Union County, Board of Elections Administrator Dennis Kobitz said. As of late Thursday afternoon, more than 324,450 residents were signed up to vote.

"I think there's big interest in registering for this election," Kobitz said.

Since the New Jersey primaries in June, it's estimated that more than 9,000 Somerset County residents registered to vote, according to Board of Elections Administrator Jerry Midgette. That figure is considered "well above normal."

"The first step is getting them in here, getting them registered," Midgette said. "Then once that's done, then the next phase is hoping everyone will go out and exercise their civic duty and vote."

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