As human beings, we like to look for patterns. We also don't like to wait for things. Like say, waiting for the actual votes to be tallied this coming Tuesday night. No, we look for a no-fuss no-muss easier way of predicting the outcome.

Some, but not all, will say the Cubs winning the World Series bodes well for Hillary Clinton. You see, they are a National League team. For a long stretch of history starting in 1952, every time an American League team won in an election year, a Republican won the White House. A National League winner meant a Democratic winner. This streak lasted from 1952 through 1980, when the Phillies won yet Ronald Reagan took the election. The theory was back to being right in 1984, but wrong again in 1988, 1992, and 1996. So why do people still pay attention to this? I don't know, why do we believe a goat can put a curse on a baseball team?

There are plenty of other screwy ways to tell (not really) who's going to win the election on Tuesday. There's the Olympics rule. Almost every time the Summer Olympics were hosted by a country that had previously hosted, the incumbent party wins. Almost every time the games are hosted in a new place, a new party comes in. Now, Trump fans take heart. Remember Brazil hosted this year, and they had never hosted before.

Then there's the theory that whichever Halloween mask sells more, in this case Trump or Hillary, will also win the election. Just days ago Spirit Halloween put out their 2016 presidential mask index and it's Trump over Clinton 55 to 45 percent.

How about the Redskins Rule? Never heard of it? It has worked so well it's actually a little scary.

If the Redskins win their last home game before the election, the party in power remains in power. If they lose, a new party comes in. How well has this worked? It has been accurate every election since 1940 except one. And the only one for which it didn't work, maybe kind of worked after all. You see, it was the Bush-Gore election. It predicted Gore would win, and after a long court battle and lots of hanging chads, he did not. BUT, if you want to say perhaps the Redskins Rule goes by the popular vote and not necessarily the electoral vote (since they usually reflect each other) then remember Gore actually did win the popular vote.

They have a bye this week, so go back to their last home game which was Oct. 16 against the Eagles, and they beat the Eagles 27 to 20. So in this case, advantage Hillary. Which is as scary a thought as any Halloween mask.