Bruce Springsteen brought "The River Tour" to Barclays Center in Brooklyn for a second night complete with a dancing Gov. Chris Christie in the record setting audience.

No one on "Dancing with the Stars" has anything to worry about, but Christie was caught on video during "Out On The Street" moving his feet, pumping his fist and overall having a good time.

"He knew every word to every song," Billboard writer Michele Amabile told Townsquare Media. She said that he was "going out of his mind" during "Rosalita" and proved himself to be a real "Springsteen super fan."

Amabile said that people were going up to him all night to shake hands and take pictures. "He'd talk to anyone who came up to him."

It was Christie's second concert on The River tour. He saw a show at the TD Garden in Boston just before the New Hampshire presidential primary.

In a tweet, Barclay Center said that the show, which brought the US part of The River tour to a close, "set our highest attendance record ever with 18K + in the house!"

Amabile wrote for Billboard that Springsteen remembered Prince with a performance of "Purple Rain."

Springsteen is also changing things for the tour overseas.

"Tonight this is going to be our last official performance of The River from start to finish. We're going to open up our set list overseas," Springsteen told the crowd, according to Amabile. "We've had a great time performing this record for all of you. We hope you have enjoyed it in the United States. So let's go down to the River one more time and see what we find."

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