This is a very personal, exclusive interview with Dr. Mike Savino.

(Dr. Denise Wunderler and Dr. Mike Savino)
(Dr. Denise Wunderler and Dr. Mike Savino)

First responder, ER doctor, military veteran, husband, and father, Dr. Mike is frequently described as a superhero. He also tried as long as he could to fight his COVID-19 battle at home so as not to take precious resources away from sicker patients.

Dr. Mike was out on the frontlines helping others amid this pandemic when he realized he had caught the virus. Despite his attempts to fight it at home, he did have to get to a hospital once he could no longer breathe.

Dr. Mike has a physician wife (Dr. Denise Wunderler) and two young children here on Earth. He also has a precious little daughter in heaven who died unexpectedly in 2017.

You can read Vienna's story HERE but right now you can watch the interview I did yesterday with Dr. Mike, and get his unique perspective on facing the fear of dying as he describes his struggle with coronavirus.

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