We should find out this week when New Jersey will begin the process of re-opening.

Gov. Murphy says he is hopeful to share a re-opening timeline for the state sometime later this week.

“We are getting data that is making us more comfortable and confident that we will soon give some hard dates as to when we can truly begin our road back through restart and recovery,” Governor Murphy said.

We don’t know much beyond that at this point, but the governor says that he would offer the re-opening timeline, “later this week assuming the curve keeps going in the right direction.”

Just last week Murphy signed an executive order extending the state's public health emergency through early June.

In nearby New York and Pennsylvania, both governors have started to unveil dates for regional reopenings in their states.

The governor was joined by Senator Bob Menendez for today’s press conference and the pair both acknowledged the importance of widespread testing contact tracing as part of the state’s plan moving forward.

Governor Murphy said he will discuss some of those strategies on Tuesday.

When asked by reporters about the re-opening timeline, Murphy continues to re-iterate the phrase, “data determines dates.”

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