According to Urban Dictionary, a beard is defined as "a condition that causes hair to grow from the chin and lower face. Symptoms include itching, divinity and gratuitous awesomeness."

Since the dawn of time, beards have been an ultimate definer of a man's masculinity.

Puffy or scruffy, thick or thin, mens' beards are an iconic factor of their identities and should be appreciated as such. Thus, World Beard Day was born.

These days every first Saturday of September is World Beard Day. This year, it's taking place on September 1st.

Common festivities for the manly participants of this holiday include not going to work, slamming beers, and stroking their beards with satisfaction and bliss. Shaving on World Beard Day is considered the most upright disrespectful act a man can do.  Don't be a sinner and shave on World Beard Day.

Let us know how you or your manly person of interest would celebrate World Beard Day! I'll be rocking the 10 chin hairs I get with both pride and sorrow.


This blog was written by Mitch Weiman, a Summer 2018 Digital Intern at Townsquare Media South Jersey.

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