I understand that no one likes paying tolls... so I guess this could be seen as a form of protest?

An intern at OC Scanner News was in the right(?) place at the right(?) time to catch a woman parked at a toll booth, half-squatting out of the backseat, and leaving a puddle behind.

You can watch the video here - it's not close enough to really see anything, umm "anatomical", but just be warned.

Let's Zapruder this thing for a moment.

  • I can't tell exactly what toll plaza this is, but you can see trees in the background - just wait ten seconds, pay your toll, then pull over on the side of the road!
  • You can see she steps directly in the puddle as she goes to hike her pants back up - without wiping, notably.
  • Around 11 seconds in, you can see what I assume is a toll attendant pop their head around, wondering why this car is completely stopped in the booth.
  • There are at least three cars that can see exactly what she's doing! The person who shot the video, the car in front of them, and the van directly behind her.

I get it, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go... but I feel like you could've waited a few more seconds and just pulled over after the toll plaza.

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