HAMILTON (Atlantic County) — Mignalys Vidal, one of seven people who lifted a car off a woman on Sunday afternoon in South Jersey, calls it a "miracle" the woman survived.

"It was God helping us," the 28-year-old mother of three from Hammonton told Townsquare Media. "After we finished lifting the car, because it was so so heavy, I was shaking. It was crazy. The car was in pretty bad condition and she's alive because of a miracle or something."

Vidal said she was taking her kids to the mall when they came upon the car on Weymouth Road — she described it as a "big Honda" flipped over.

"At the time I got there there was no cop around. They came a little after," she said. "It was just four of us trying to lift the car including myself. She was trapped under her car. Her face was touching the road and the car was on top of her. She was skinny but can you imaging all the weight from that car."

Hamilton Police said the woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, was driving around a curve when she lost control of her car around 1:30 p.m., went off the road, hit a tree and was ejected. As the woman landed, the vehicle overturned on top of her.

Vidal thought that she had hurt her arm or hand afterward.

"I thought maybe I pulled a muscle or something but I'm good now," Vidal said. "When you see something like that you should help because you never know when you'll be in the same situation."

Vidal said her kids were scared but they were OK after she spoke to them

"It's something we will never forget about, Vidal said.

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