South Jersey is a large home to many cities, towns, and trees, stretching from Camden’s waterfront on the Delaware River to Wildwood’s vast beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. With hundreds of thousands of residents, plus more out-of-state visitors, everyone has some knowledge they gained about South Jersey’s communities.

Twitter provides a great outlet for people to share. An interesting game to play is using Twitter’s search bar and typing the phrase “today I learned” and then the topic, such as your own hometown! You can dig up quite a few old diamonds archived in Twitter users’ histories.

Here are some fun facts and silly moments collected:

Today I learned Kelly Ripa is Camden county college alumni

- Casey Parker (@CaseyParker91) March 9, 2016

Many famous people were born and raised in South Jersey! Represent!

today i learned atlantic city was in new jersey. i thought atlantic city wasn't a real place. or is that atlantis?

- hearts 801 (@hearts) February 10, 2016

Both leave you questioning “what happened?”

I learned today that I can go from Catonsville to Cape May, NJ and back all on one tank of gas

- Danny Majerowicz (@Dmajic101) October 4, 2014

Roadtrip anyone?

So today i learned monopoly is based on Atlantic city #college

- Cuff Daddy (@cuffdaddy8) September 10, 2014

The game is extremely realistic.

Today I learned there's a difference between north and south jersey. #TheMoreYouKnow

- Natalie Thamm (@natkat000) March 21, 2014

This is extremely important for all to know. Never forget it.

important thing I learned today—you can get tons of vegetarian/organic/health food products at the Adventist book store on Cherry Hill Road

- Geoffrey Hatchard (@IMGoph) January 5, 2014

South Jersey has an abundance of farms to get fresh produce from. New Jersey is called “the garden state” after all.

One thing I learned today: south jersey girls are dimes #Beauts #ComeHangout

- Connor Carroll (@ConnCarroll111) June 8, 2013

There must be something in the water of South Jersey’s freshwater aquifers.

Things I learned today: Pinball was illegal in many major US cities until 1976. It's STILL illegal in Ocean City, NJ on Sundays.

- Josh Drescher (@JoshDrescher) June 14, 2012

Well now I can say I learned something new today, too! More on this topic, pinball was banned because it was considered gambling and stole money from the youth. Who knew there was a prohibition of pinball and still to this day in some cities across the country.

Today I learned south Jersey people pronounce bagels as "beggles". A few miles make a big difference.

- James McGhee (@JamesAMcGhee) January 30, 2012

Not everyone has the infamous “Joisey” accent!

So I learned something new today...Cape May Court House is a town...

- Chelsea Corrine (@ chelseacorrine9) March 15, 2011

There is a Cape May Courthouse in Cape May Court House, for which the town was renamed after. That’s a mouthful.

Play along readers and even share your own quirky stories on Twitter using the hashtag #SouthJersey so we can all see!


This blog was written by Lisa Capasso, an intern at Townsquare Media South Jersey.

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