A Philadelphia nun has been placed on administrative leave after a drunk driving arrest in New Jersey.

Police in Washington Township (Gloucester County) told Fox 29 Sister Kimberly Miller, a teacher at the Little Flower High School for Girls in Philadelphia, failed a sobriety test after driving her F150 pickup truck into a Meineke auto shop. Her sobriety test was caught on mobile phone video.

Miller was placed on administrative leave by the Office of Catholic Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on Wednesday according to Philly.com, which led to the creation of an online petition that by Saturday morning has over 2.000 signatures from supporters concerned "Sister Kim" will lose her job.

The petition praises her for helping "students blossom into the women they are today with her selfless devotion and dedication to her faith and job as a teacher" and asks that "all of the positive things she has done should not be overshadowed by one negative wrongdoing."

Spokesman Ken Gavin told NBC10 the archdiocese is aware of the petition and no decision has been made regarding Miller's future.