Atlantic City holds a reputation for providing entertainment for adults, but besides the gambling and drinking, the city offers a buzzing food scene.

Both inside the casinos and outside alike, AC offers the gamut of restaurants that will be sure to satisfy all taste buds. Valentine’s Day presents a perfect opportunity to explore these options and more importantly try some of the more romantic choices. We did the ground work and here are 7 of the city’s most romantic restaurants that will score you some brownie points.

  • 1

    Café 2825

    This fine-dining Italian establishment offers some of the city’s best dishes. The restaurant only offers 14 white clothed tables, so intimacy will not be a problem. The owners commute to Brooklyn, NY on a weekly basis to gather their ingredients. You will find your familiar Italian dishes on the menu but also some unheard of specialties, which will be sure to keep the table quiet, it is just that good.

  • 2

    Chef Vola’s

    Many people have not heard of Chef Vola’s and that is no accident. This Italian restaurant has been mostly advertised via word-of-mouth and getting a table may be an actual challenge. Their website does not even offer a phone number, so there is your first task. If you can secure a table inside this small house turned restaurant your expectations will be met and your date will be soon never forget the experience. The walls are covered with pictures of famous customers which include Beyonce, Jay-Z and really any other celebrity who has performed in Atlantic City. Be prepared to be wowed.

  • 3

    Little Saigon

    In a 2013 New York Times article, Robert Sietsema describes Atlantic City’s first Vietnamese restaurant Little Saigon as some of the most authentic in the country. The location of this BYOB eatery is off the tourist district so you will find lots of locals here. There is something very romantic about trying new things together, especially food. Seating is also very limited, so reservations are recommended.

  • 4

    The Old Homestead

    The Old Homestead has only two locations, New York City and the Borgata Casino. The steak house was one of the first in the country and now their famous trademarked domestically raised, hand-massaged Kobe beef can be enjoyed in Atlantic City. The ambience is upscale and their prices go along with the environment. One of Atlantic City’s most praised restaurants, The Old Homestead will not disappoint.

  • 5


    Described as Mediterranean Italian dining, Girasole offers unique dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. The restaurant is lit very mildly, providing a romantic environment. Their lounge consists of low seating on Mediterranean pillows, which is a great place to have before dinner drinks. This hidden gem in Atlantic City offers all the aspects for a successful Valentine’s Day dinner.

  • 6

    Souzai Sushi

    The sushi is some of the best in the area and most of the seating provides views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk.

  • 7

    Knife and Fork Inn

    One of the most historic places left in Atlantic City, The Knife and Fork Inn offers an authentic experience paired with some of the best cuisine in the city. The restaurant offers intimacy for each table. From the cloth on the table to the silverware, it is best of the best. You may feel like you are dining back in the 1920’s at times, which is something very special only to be found here.