A South Jersey woman authorities say who used several different aliases has been charged with pretending to be a licensed veterinarian, and treating horses that later died.

Jacque Smith led horse owners to believe she was a licensed veterinarian or was a student at the University of Pennsylvania and administered drugs to which only doctors should legally have access, according to acting Attorney General John Hoffman and Steve Lee, acting director of the state Division of Consumer Affairs.

According to the charges, Smith misdiagnosed a horse with a urinary tract infection. In a second case, she incorrectly injected a horse she decided needed to be euthanized. The horse suffered for two hours before dying.

Smith is accused of threatening an owner who discovered she was unlicensed and refused to pay her bill with having her husband break her legs and having her "horses killed at any time."

Smith claimed to operate businesses called "Equine Health” and “Equine Dentistry," neither of which are registered with the state, authorities say. She also used the names "Jackie Smith,” “Jaqueline Smith,” “Jacquline Fabrico Smith,” “Jackie Fabrico Smith” and “Jacque Fabrico Smith."

“New Jersey’s animals are deserving of proper treatment and care by legitimate veterinarians,” Hoffman said. “Rather than help and heal, Smith caused harm to horses by misrepresenting who she was, and in some cases, delayed proper veterinary care through her alleged actions.”

The six-count complaint seeks to permanently prevent Smith from treating horses and representing herself as a veterinarian. The state also wants civil penalties and consumer restitution from Smith. Anyone who has had issues with Smith's services should contact the Division of Consumer Affairs and file a complaint. An online complaint can be filed or by calling 1-800-242-5846 or 973-504-6200.

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