For the first time, an Atlantic City police officer administered Naloxone to treat a possible heroin overdose.

During the early morning hours Thursday, an Atlantic City police officer who was recently trained to administer Naloxone responded to the 3500 block of Pacific Avenue after hearing a call about a possible heroin overdose. When the officer and EMS crews arrived, a witness said he arrived at his friend’s apartment and found him unconscious and unresponsive on the floor. The officer administered Naloxone and within about one minute, the 26-year-old male began breathing on his own and became fully alert and oriented. The male was then able to walk unassisted to an ambulance where he was then taken to ARMC-City. The Atlantic City Police Department says this is the first incident in which a uniformed officer successfully utilized Naloxone since being trained and equipped with the units on February 13th.


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