I want to thank Atlantic City Council and the two Co-Sponsors, Councilman George Tibbitt and Councilman Marty Small, regarding Ordinance #35 of 2015.

Last night I attended the Atlantic City Council Meeting. One of the agenda items, which I haven't told you about until now, was Ordinance # 35 of 2015. I am so pleased to report that it was approved unanimously, 9-0, with all members present.

This Ordinance has formally approved for an additional name and designation to the intersection of St. David's Place and Ventnor Avenue in my name, as they officially wrote it in to The Ordinance, "In Honor of Harry Hurley."

I am so genuinely humbled by this measure and I appreciate it beyond words.This is a supreme honor of respect shown for my decades of unconditional love and support for my hometown of Atlantic City.

I was born in the Atlantic City Hospital, attended Richmond Avenue school, and a graduate of Atlantic City High School, where I was a varsity track and cross country runner, the school's top distance runner, and still hold a school record for the past 40 years, served as Team Captain four times, MVP four times, and of course, my ensuing career in broadcasting, covering the key issues affecting Atlantic City for the past 25 years, along with our important charity work supporting vital Atlantic City not-for-profit causes for the past 25 years.

To have your childhood street named after you is amazing and surreal, too, and it is a dream come true in adulthood. It's the culmination of decades of work and support for Atlantic City.

This is also meaningful to me because on this very street about 45 years ago, our home on St. David's Place burned down to the ground. It has remained a black-top parking lot ever since. I drive past this intersection probably more than 100 times per-year back and forth in my travels through the World's Playground.

I want to sincerely thank Council President Frank Gilliam, Vice President Steve Moore, and Councilman Mo Delgado, Rizwan Malik, Tim Mancuso, William "Speedy" Marsh, Aaron "Sporty" Randolph, Marty Small, and George Tibbitt.

This also meant a lot to me because City Council voted for it and me, unanimously.

Thank you, Atlantic City Council, for this high honor. The new additional street designation in Atlantic City, at the intersection of St. David's Place and Ventnor Avenue will soon read: "Harry Hurley Way."

This is a very visible location, as it the last street, right before you make the right hand turn onto Albany Avenue to go over The Albany Avenue/Peter Egnor Bridge.