The head attendance officer for the Atlantic City school district has quit after a Philadelphia TV news crew showed him doing anything but his job.

WPVI-TV showed Nicholas Russo getting massages, manicures, and car washes when he should have been looking for absent school kids. The report also found Russo called in sick but filled out his time cards to show he was working.

Russo held the position for 20 years and was making $72,000 per year.

Superintendent Donna Haye released a statement to WPVI-TV:

I viewed the videotape you sent me on Wednesday, May 14. I immediately suspended Mr. Russo. On Friday, I was notified by our Board Labor Counsel that Mr. Russo would unconditionally resign his position today and I received his resignation this morning. As of today, Mr. Russo is no longer an employee of the Atlantic City School District.


However, on behalf of the School District, its children and its taxpayers, we will still conduct an investigation into what occurred and take such action as may be appropriate. Mr. Russo's actions were never approved or allowed. In no way do we condone or tolerate the behavior demonstrated in the video and once our investigation is complete, we will re-examine our policies and procedures.