A baseball player from Barnegat High School was selected with the 12th pick of the Major League Baseball Draft yesterday.

Jason Groome, a pitcher, had been expected to be drafted yesterday. At one time, it was speculated that he could be picked as high as first.

Groome was selected by the Boston Red Sox. If he signs with the team, he would, no doubt, become an instant millionaire with a huge signing bonus.

According to MLB.com's Jim Callis, "Nobody knew exactly where MLB Pipeline's top-ranked prospect was going to go for sure, though the Red Sox were strongly rumored today. There are murmurs of makeup issues that concern clubs, but from a strict talent standpoint, he jumps off the board here. He's a lefty with an outstanding fastball-curveball combination and a nice delivery. Getting that package at No. 12 has the potential to be a coup."

Source: MLB.com, Jason Groome via Facebook

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