The body of a teenage girl who has been missing from her Lower Township home since late November is believed to have been found Monday in a vacant home in Rio Grande.

15-year-old Nicole Angstadt has been missing since November 29 and was reported missing by her family on December 1.

She was last seen wearing a black zip-up sweatshirt, leggings and tan Ugg boots. Angstadt is 5’8,” 177 lbs, blonde hair with blue eyes.

Although police stopped short of confirming her identity, her family believes the body found in a vacant home in the 100 block of Vermont Avenue is Angstadt, according to multiple press sources.

"We heard from people that this was the last house she was seen in, she was hanging out with friends and stuff," her older sister, Heather Bradley told 6ABC News.

On Tuesday, police were scouring a home at the center of a very active crime scene.

Neighbors say the house has been vacant since the homeowner died this past summer and local teens have been using the property as a hangout.

Divers were searching the backyard pool, plumbing has been removed and bags full of evidence have been taken away. Police were also searching a Dumpster.

"We were really close. We were best friends," said Nicole's twin sister, Alexis."

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