We haven't heard much recently from the Select Committee on Investigation, the legislative panel probing Bridgegate. That doesn't mean committee members have stopped looking into the scandal; in fact, quite the opposite, according to one of the committee's co-chairs.

Asm. John Wisniewski addresses the media after a Bridgegate hearing in Trenton (Townsquare Media)

"The committee's work is not on hold," said Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Sayreville). "I mean, obviously we would love to get the documents that we've subpoenaed from Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien."

Kelly is Gov. Chris Christie's former deputy chief of staff. She was fired after an email apparently sent by her, which read "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee," went public. Stepien is Christie's two-time campaign manager. He was in line to chair the Republican State Committee and do consulting work for the Republican Governors Association. The governor put the kibosh on both jobs after Stepien's involvement in Bridgegate became known.

A judge is expected to decide soon if Kelly and Stepien will be forced to turn over documents subpoenaed by the SCI. Both are fighting the subpoenas, citing their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

"We continue to receive documents under other subpoenas and we'll continue our investigation until we are convinced that we have exhausted all possible resources to come up with a final report on what happened here," Wisniewski said. "We don't know what the governor's total involvement in this situation was."

Without prior notice, access lanes to the George Washington Bridge were closed for four days in September. Democrats believe that might have been done as political payback because Fort Lee's Democratic mayor refused to endorse Christie's re-election campaign.

The governor continues to deny any involvement in the Bridgegate scandal. The New York Times has reported that Christie's internal investigation cleared the governor of any wrongdoing. Democrats question the credibility of that conclusion.