Gov. Chris Christie's endorsement of a Republican legislative candidate wouldn't do anything to sway most New Jersey voters according to the most recent statewide poll.

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

That might be because he hasn't been consistently or aggressively campaigning for them…yet.

Could Christie be the "X" factor to help the GOP regain control of the legislature?

"I don't know," said Mickey Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "He's a fabulous campaigner, certainly a fabulous campaigner for himself. Is he a fabulous campaigner for anybody else? I don't know. That's a good question. I don't know."

Recently, Assembly Republicans held a press conference saying they think they can regain control of the legislature. A Qunnipiac University poll released the following day shows Christie would not be of much help unless he decides to stump for them in a big way.

Twenty percent of voters say Christie's backing would make them more likely to vote for that candidate, with 17 percent saying less likely and 60 percent saying it would not make a difference.

"If Christie goes in and works hard for individual candidates unquestionably that will change the dynamic," said Carroll. "If the Governor wants to elect a compliant legislature he's got an awful lot of work to do."

Democrats control the State Senate by a margin of 24-16. They control the Assembly 48-32. Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick thinks the GOP can retake control of both houses and he's counting on Christie to help on the campaign trail.

"He's already been supportive and he has his (re-election) race to run right now, but I'm convinced that he's going to be there because I think it's important to him to finish the job by having a Republican legislature," said Bramnick. "I have all the confidence in Chris Christie to assist us."