Following colorful comments by Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday evening's "Ask The Governor" program about Atlantic City city council, one member of city council fired back hard this morning on Hurley In The Morning.

When asked about the status of the Atlantic City revitalization plan, Gov. Christie said he thinks things are going better in town and maybe the city has reached the right number of casinos so that the surviving gaming halls can be profitable. However, when it came to Atlantic City city council, Christie didn't mince words. Christie said,

"Atlantic City is not going to be finally fixed until the government gets under control down there. And I continue to be disappointed in the council in Atlantic City. They are unrealistic about the problems, the expenses, the debt they've run up, and all the rest of it. The Mayor is trying his best to do a job down there, but he has a recalictrant, uncooperative, in my view, council, that doesn't understand the depth of their problems."

In an exclusive interview this morning with Harry Hurley on WPG Talk Radio 1450, Atlantic City councilman George Tibbitt fired back hard against Christie's comments. Tibbitt says city council is a, "perfect whipping boy... they gotta blame someone. The mess is so bad that they've created that they got to blame someone." Tibbitt, later in a fiery commentary, remarked,

"we want what's best for the city and we're willing to work with get it done. But to be disingenuous and try and cover your ass because you were to busy running around this country trying to be president when you should have been home fixing the state of New Jersey...and hanging out with Jerry Jones and Cowboys fans, you decided to do that instead of fixing the state of New Jersey."

Listen to a segment of Harry's interview with George Tibbitt here: