Chris Christie has new plans for Thursday. The governor will be at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office in South Plainfield to help a desperate mother at her wit's end after spending months trying to get her son a replacement driver's permit.

Stacey called Townsquare Media's "Ask The Governor" program Wednesday and told Christie that a few months ago, her son left his learner's permit in his jeans before they were washed, ruining the document. Since then, she's had no luck getting him a replacement and has visited at least five MVC locations in the state.

On Tuesday, she said, she went with her son to the South Plainfield testing center where they begged an agent and a supervisor for help, again having no luck.

Hearing the amount of time it's taken and her lack of result, Christie initially joked about having Ray Martinez, the chief administrator of the MVC, drive the document to her house. Martinez, who is out of the country, texted the governor during the show and promised a solution, but that wasn't a quick enough solution for Christie. After checking his schedule, the governor told the caller, "I think maybe you and I tomorrow — if you have time — together should go to the South Plainfield MVC."

"We're gonna see if when I'm with you, we might actually get some action here," he told the caller. "We're gonna straighten this out tomorrow."

Stacey accepted the governor's offer and said she plans to bring her son with them to the MVC because she's "trying to teach him to be an honest person."

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