A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll finds a majority of Garden State voters now believe Gov. Christie is arrogant, self-centered and stubborn.

Gov. Chris Christie speaks to voters at the Heritage Action Presidential Candidate Forum in South Carolina. (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Ashley Koning, the assistant director of the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll said after Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey voters gave Christie high marks for his leadership, honesty, effectiveness and authenticity, but that's changed.

“They’re now at some of their all-time lows, and this is even including looking back at Bridgegate, we actually have seen double digit drops since Bridgegate, the aftermath in 2014," Koning said. “Voters don’t see him as a strong leader, they don’t see him as effective or trustworthy and they continue to view him as arrogant, self-centered and stubborn.”

Koning said we saw a brief reprieve for the governor in August, when it seemed like his ratings were going back up, but now they’ve made a reverse turn and are going right back down again.

“Just 15 percent of New Jersey voters say that Gov. Christie is trustworthy and another 33 percent say he’s somewhat trustworthy, or trustworthy describes him somewhat well,” she said. “Trustworthy is now at an all-time low, even lower than right after Bridgegate, strong leader though is actually the trait that has suffered the most among all of the positive traits and perceptions.”

She said the poll finds “30 percent say 'strong leader' describes him very well," but that's a considerable drop from a few years ago.

"This is half of what it was in his post-Sandy days and also even a big drop from his first years in office, and 49 percent say he is not trustworthy at all, that trustworthy does not describe him at all, and 44 percent say sincere does not describe him at all," Koning said.

The survey also finds a whopping 66 percent of New Jersey voters believe Chris Christie is not presidential at all. But there's more bad news for the governor.

“For almost every negative trait polled, we actually see a majority of New Jersey voters say that these negative traits describe him very well, that includes 65 percent who say stubborn, 62 percent who say arrogant, 53 percent who say self-centered and half of New Jersey voters say that 'bully - the infamous trait that has always been attached to the governor - describes Gov. Christie very well.”

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