The FBI is investigating Eric Murdock about whether attempted to extort Rutgers University over video of coach Mike Rice's treatment of players at practice that eventually was shown on ESPN.

Eric Murdock (ESPN)

The New York Times reports the Newark office of the FBI is investigating whether or not Murdock's offer to release his video to Rutgers of Rice berating players and hurling basketballs at them for $950,000 constitutes extortion.

The offer was made two weeks after Rice was suspended for his behavior in December according to the Times report.

The University turned down the offer and the video was eventually aired on ESPN and led to the firing of Rice and the resignation of Athletic Director Tim Pernetti.

The FBI would not confirm nor deny any investigation.

Murdock on Friday filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the university on Friday.  Murdock, who played in the NBA for nine seasons, was the director of player of development for the program. His contract wasn’t renewed in July.

He said he was let go after a dispute with Rice about skipping the coach’s youth basketball camp and, ultimately, because he complained to university officials about Rice’s mistreatment of players. The school has said a number of issues led to their decision not to renew Murdock's contract.

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