Flu-like activity is on the decline in most parts of the country, but not here in New Jersey.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

"We still do have high influenza-like illness activity throughout our state," says New Jersey State Epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan.

She points out flu season came early this year, it was more severe than normal, and no one is sure when the influenza activity will begin to fade.

Bearing that in mind, Dr. Tan reminds everybody it's not too late to get a flu shot, even though influenza season usually wraps up by late next month.

She adds, if you do wind up getting sick, it's important to talk to your doctor.

"Anti-viral medications can be helpful for helping individuals, particularly those who are high risk for complications from influenza."

Dr. Tan also stresses the importance of staying home if you do become ill, whether it's the flu or some other respiratory, or gastro-intestinal bug, and she says make sure you do not cough or sneeze on anyone because that's how viruses are spread.