I saw someone talking about the Somers Point exit of the Garden State Parkway and it raised an interesting dilemma. How would (or do) you handle the toll situation there?

Tom from Somers Point said he exited the Parkway at Exit 30 and the toll collector was not on duty. If you don't have exact change or don't have EZ Pass and you don't know that the collector isn't there before you exit, what do you do?

WTF is wrong with the Parkway at the Somers Point Exit?!? No personnel in the middle of the day or night to make change?...

Posted by Tom Forkin on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

If you were in that situation, what would you do (or if you use that exit all the time, what do you do) if you don't have or don't want EZ Pass? Do you make sure you always have change handy in the event that the toll collector isn't there? Do you make what is probably an illegal u-turn at the end of the ramp and head back up to Exit 36 for Fire Road, then drive all the way back to Somers Point? Do you go through the toll and get a violation or ticket in the mail?

In Tom's defense, there are no signs on the Parkway that say Exit 30 is exact change or EZ Pass only and there isn't a way to know if the toll collector is on duty there before you exit. And again, this was the middle of the day -- not at 3AM when you wouldn't expect someone to be there.

Let us know what you do, or what you would do, in the comments section below.

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