A law that caps arbitration salary increases for public sector workers at 2 percent will expire in 10 days, unless the state legislature takes action to renew it.

David Matthau, Townsquare Media NJ

So far the Democrat-controlled Senate and Assembly have not taken a position on the issue, even though they almost unanimously supported the cap four years ago.

During his latest town hall meeting in Flemington, Gov. Chris Christie urged members of the public to reach out to Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto.

"Click on their icon and send them an email: Pass the arbitration cap. You voted for it before, why won't you vote for it again? Let them know you're watching," Christie said.

The governor said it was very mysterious that Democrats were in favor of this law before, but suddenly they're not taking a position on it.

"What's really going on here? I don't know," Christie said.

He did point out public sector unions donated millions of dollars to Democratic members of the legislature -- but Christie stressed, he won the election.

He also said the legislature needs to get its priorities straight.

"If we don't have money for a tax cut, we sure as hell don't have money to start giving big salary increases again to public sector workers, we sure as heck don't have the money to pay unlimited legal fees to lawyers who are working on these arbitration cases, to pay unlimited fees to these arbitrators," Christie said. "That's all going to come out of your pocket, everybody."

He accused the legislature of viewing constituents as a "money tree."

"They figure they just come to you and pick some more out of your pocket to help the special interests in Trenton," Christie said, "but the taxpayers need to be the special interests in Trenton."