ATLANTIC CITY - There is a terrible injustice that must have the light of day and truth shined upon it.

I've been investigating the recent termination of Phil Eisenstein, a teacher from The Atlantic City Public Schools system.

Because this is a matter that involves students, I will not release the specific details here at this time.

However, for Eisenstein's part in this, I'm absolutely convinced that he was just doing his job. He was helping one student without crossing the line against another student.

And, that's not just my word. The State of New Jersey, child protective services thoroughly investigated the incident and vindicated Eisenstein.

This situation is a disgrace. I've been looking deep into this matter before commenting now.

I have no doubt that Phil Eisenstein will win his job back on appeal.

Shame on the Interim Superintendent, Paul Spaventa, and the Atlantic City Board of Education Members who supported and voted for this young Teacher to be fired.

Not that that the following should have an empirical, direct effect on the decision... but, this is a very good young man who was raised the right way by a Father (Mike) who has spent decades in the Atlantic City public schools system and has coached ACHS football for decades, spending thousands of hours coaching other people's children. And, Phil has a great Mom in Melissa.

On top of that, he's the Grandson of an iconic, legendary former (longtime) Superintendent of the AC Public Schools system (Dr. Jack Eisenstein).

I well know this is not "Animal House," and, he's not "Flounder," and, this isn't a legacy game.

But, wait until the public hears the real facts surrounding this bizarre decision.

The state fully investigated this and found no wrong-doing. The Board would have been wise to follow their counsel.

The Superintendent and Board of Education provided the state child investigative services every bit of information in their possession, hoping that the state would rule that Eisenstein had done something wrong. And, had Eisenstein done anything that would rise to the level of warranting termination, the state investigation would have yielded a far different result.

Instead, the state ruled that Eisenstein did nothing wrong. Incredulously, The Superintendent recommended and The Board fired Eisenstein anyhow.

This is one of the most unjust terminations that you will ever come across.

I predict that he will win his job back. And, the Board will have to make a hefty settlement with Phil Eisenstein.

Congratulations to Board President John Devlin for doing the right thing and voting against this indefensible termination.

I plan to do everything that I can to help right this wrong.

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