An aide to Senator Frank Lautenberg is accusing Cory Booker of "stealing" ideas from the 88-year-old during an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe.

Cory Booker on MSNBC's Morning Joe (MSNBC)

On Monday's Morning Joe,  the Newark Mayor talked about gun control and urged Congress to close gun show loopholes, two ideas the unidentified aide were first suggested by Lautenberg according to "Instead of giving Senator Lautenberg credit and showing him the respect that he's earned, Mayor Booker is stealing his ideas and marketing them as his own," said the Lautenberg aide.

The animosity between the Booker & Lautenberg camps has increased almost daily since Booker filed with the Federal Election Commission his intent to run for the Senate seat when Lautenberg is up for re-election in 2014.

The comments of an unidentified senior Lautenberg staffer mirrors the thoughts of many Democrats in New Jersey.  “This guy is self-absorbed and disrespectful. It’s shameful that he avoided challenging a Republican just so that he can take on a long-serving, loyal Democrat,” referring to Booker not running for Governor against incumbent Chris Christie.

In recent appearances Booker tried to dial back his intentions during an appearance on Meet The Press telling host David Gregory it 'was "premature" to say he was running for Senate.  Booker told Joe Scarborough, "The focus right now, frankly, for all of New Jersey should be our two Senators. We should be supporting Frank Lautenberg, supporting Bob Menendez. And me, I have a big job to do here in Newark."