New Jersey lawmakers investigating a political payback scandal ensnaring Gov. Chris Christie's administration may need to get a judge to force two key figures to turn over subpoenaed documents.

Governor Chris Christie (L) tours the Seaside Heights boardwalk fire area with Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly (R) (Tim Larsen/Office of the Governor Of N.J. via Getty Images)

Christie's former campaign manager, Bill Stepien, and Bridget Anne Kelly his deputy chief of staff have refused to release documents related to a plot to block approach lanes to the George Washington Bridge to cause massive traffic jams, apparently for political retribution.

Their lawyers want the subpoenas withdrawn.

Legal experts say New Jersey lawmakers may have to ask a judge to settle the matter.

The committee investigating the scandal says it is exploring its options.

Eighteen other people and organizations close to the Republican governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate have also been subpoenaed by the panel. Most have asked for more time.

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