Gov. Chris Christie has apologized in person to the mayor of Fort Lee for an apparently politically inspired traffic jams.


Gov. Chris Christie leaves the Borough Hall in Fort Lee where he apologized to Mayor Mark Sokolich (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Christie says that he had a "very good, productive meeting" late Thursday at the Fort Lee municipal building with Mayor Mark Sokolich and that the mayor accepted his apology.

Christie says his administration has to work to regain the trust of Fort Lee residents.

The mayor told The Record newspaper that the governor had taken "a big step" in doing so by coming to Fort Lee, and that he appreciated Christie's visit.

The mayor had urged the governor to delay the trip amid inquiries by the legislature and federal prosecutors. “An apology today, and comin’ on up today, might be premature,” Sokolich told reporters at Borough Hall according to the Cliffview Pilot “cause I ve a distinct feeling there’s gonna be another press conference or two or three or 12 after this.”


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