A South Jersey mom reports she found a sharp object in her kids Halloween candy, and police near Philadelphia are investigating tampering instances in their area.

Michelle Garwood posted on her Facebook pictures of a Snickers Almond bar with a sharp object inside.

"This was in my children's Halloween candy. We went trick or treating in Woodbury Heights in the summit by St. Margaret's (Regional School). I could not believe as we go trick or treating there every year with no problems," Garwood wrote.

She also wrote that she called Woodbury Heights Police and would bringing the candy to them in person on Monday.

Woodbury Heights Police confirmed on their Facebook page they received a call about "a needle or pin" in a bag of candy, though the person who called hadn't yet brought it in. The caller said she had been trick-or-treating in the 100 and 200 block of Central Ave as well as Second Street, Linden Avenue and Beech Avenue of Woodbury Heights, police said.

"As with other reports, it is unknown if the tampering was done at a home, at the factory, or somewhere in between," wrote Woodbury Police. "If you find candy that appears to be tampered with, please report it to your local Police Department immediately."

There were several cases of objects found in candy following trick-or-treating over the weekend. Police in the Philadelphia suburb of Kennett Square reported five cases of needles found in Twix bars and are investigating the incidents.

Authorites in Middlebourne, WV said a mother found a razor blade in a candy bar there as well.

A reported case of a metal item found in a candy wrapper in Auburn, Mass. turned out to be a hoax. Police in the town west of Boston, who issued a alert to residents, posted on their Facebook page that after interviewing the 11-year-old girl and her mother " it has been determined that the entire story was a fabrication created by the child.”