With about seven months to go before New Jersey's Gubernatorial election, all the recent polls show incumbent Governor Chris Christie with a huge lead over his presumptive Democratic challenger, State Senator Barbara Buono.

Barbara Buono (Facebook)

One big problem for Buono is that most Garden State residents have never even heard of her.

"I was just thinking about that today cause we were talking about the fact that there's an election coming up. So I don't know who it is and I need to find out," said one shopper along Route 1 in Mercer County.

"You know I actually just saw a link to an article and I didn't read it yet, so it was just presenting the opposition candidate. I'm not sure," another shopper said.

"I know the Mayor of Newark has talked about it - and I think there may be some other people who will throw their hat in the ring, but I'm pretty sure it's he versus the Mayor of Newark. Don't recall the gentleman's name," said a man standing nearby.

"I saw it in the paper and to be honest with you I'm going to vote for Chris so, therefore I don't care," another said.

Three shoppers knew the presumptive candidate was a woman, and only two were actually able to identify Buono.

One woman said she rarely votes in the United States anymore.

"I'm pretty sure Christie will be running against a Democrat."