Most people are aware of the "Do Not Call" registry. Assembly Bob Andrzejczak (D-Cape May Court House) said the public seems to like that they are not being bothered at home with as many unsolicited phone calls from companies trying to sell them something they don't want. That is why Andrzejczak said he has introduced a bill (A-3899) to create the "No Mail" list.

US Postal Service letter carrier prepares to place letters in a mailbox (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

"Basically the 'no mail' list, what that would do is really cut out all of the junk mail that people are getting. Most Americans can probably say junk mail is the primary source of mail that they get in their mailbox," Andrzejczak said.

The bill allows for exceptions to the ban on sending mailing solicitations including:

  • The resident has provided express permission to the sender to receive a solicitation;
  • The resident has had a business contact within the past six months or has a current business or personal relationship with the sender;
  • The sender is an authorized charitable group;
  • The sender is an entity over which a federal agency has authority and is required by law to maintain a "no mail" list; or
  • The sender is responding to a referral or attempting to set an appointment.

"We are trying to de-clutter our constituents' mailboxes and allow them to receive only the important stuff that they need," Andrzejczak said.

The assemblyman said he is working in collaboration with State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May Court House). He said Van Drew has been developing the legislation for a decade. Andrzejczak said the bill would address another unintended consequence of junk mail.

"A lot of people have also thrown out the mail that they needed accidentally because it was tied in with a bunch of junk mail as well," Andrzejczak noted.

The assemblyman called his bill "a work in progress" that will likely be tweaked.