As another snowstorm approaches the Garden State, the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Transportation insists his team is ready to take on Old Man Winter.

Flickr User Anthony Quintano

"In 2010 and 2011, we had two of the snowiest winters in the history of the Garden State, so we beefed up, we learned," said DOT Commissioner Jim Simpson. "We spent $22 million on new equipment and put GPS in all of our trucks. We always prepare for the worst and hope for the best,"

He pointed out the only thing the DOT has not been able to figure out how to do yet is to pick up the snow before it hits the ground.

"If I could do that, then there'd be nirvana," Simpson said.

On a more serious note, the Commissioner Simpson stressed that no matter how efficient the DOT becomes at cleaning the roads, drivers still need to slow down.

"Unfortunately, people travel as if the road conditions don't matter and they don't even pay attention to the forecast," he said. "So just listen to 101.5 and get your news and weather and whatever else you need, and you'll be in good shape."

He explained that the DOT, whenever possible, is pre-treating roads with brine before a storm arrives.

"It's basically a calcium water that binds onto the roadway, that allows you to buy some time, so that when you start to get the snow you don't get the ice," he said. "It keeps everything in a liquid form."

Simpson also stressed the DOT has enough money to get the job done right.

"Yes, we always do, we don't compromise safety," Simpson said. "I go see Andrew Eristoff, the treasurer, whenever I need to refill the piggy bank."