Despite all those traffic jams you're always in, a new study finds New Jersey residents - over the past seven years - are driving less than they used to.

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And the report, from the NJPIRG Law & Policy Center, finds the slowdown in driving is likely to continue.

"The drop is mostly among Millennials - those born after 1982, who are driving less. So the big driving increases we saw every year up until about 2004, has stopped over the last 8 years -and we think that means that our public officials should take note and make sure our transportation policy reflects those changes," says NJPIRG State Director Jen Kim.

More People Using Mass Transportation

She points out one reason this is happening is because we're in the internet mobile smart phone age, and it's easier to get around without a car, and many younger people can look up a biking route or a walking route or find out when the next train is coming.

"Also, Millennials often tend to want to live in kind of more urban areas that are more easily walkable and commutable," she says.

Kim adds, unfortunately, elected officials haven't kept pace with these trends to invest in better public transportation infrastructure, and mass transit in and out of the Big Apple is simply not adequate.

"A lot of Millennials, especially in New Jersey, are going to find work in places like New York City," she says. "So having more access to that is definitely going to be important for the future - it's definitely something that will get prioritized as we move forward."