It looks like New Jersey native and LA Angels center-fielder Mike Trout is done playing the field - at least from a dating standpoint.

The 24-year-old Major League Baseball player popped the question Saturday to girlfriend Jessica Tara Cox, and as with much of his career thus far, he made quite a statement. The South Jersey-born slugger hired a skywriter to help him propose to his girlfriend, who posted a picture of the skyward message on Twitter.

Cox and Trout - who is currently in a $144 million contract with the Angels - have been dating since high school, according to Yahoo Sports. The ballplayer proposed while the two were in Boston visiting family during his team's road trip for a three-game series against the Boston Red Sox.

Trout - who has nearly 2 million Twitter followers - garnered attention via social media earlier this year when the self-proclaimed weather fanatic tweeted at Weather Channel Meteorologist Jim Cantore on the weather conditions in his hometown of Millville while a winter storm pummeled the state. He even went so far as to hop in his vehicle and tweet a video of the snowy roads.

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