For the first time, Donald Trump's appearance as a presidential candidate will not be free.

The presumptive Republican nominee is scheduled to host the "New Jersey Rally" fundraiser at the National Guard Armory in Lawrenceville intended to help pay down the debt on Gov. Chris Christie's presidential campaign. The price of admission is $200. Christie's debt stood at $400,690 as of March 31 according to the Federal Election Commission.

It is Trump's first campaign appearance in New Jersey and the first events he has charged to attend.

The invitation said that Trump and Christie will both address the event.

The Bergen Record reported some tickets appeared to be released for free through Trump's website, but those "free" tickets won't be honored.

Christie was the first establishment Republican to endorse Trump and has been mentioned frequently as a vice presidential pick. The governor has been named to head Trump's transition committee should he win the presidential race in November.

Christie confidant and Republican National Committeeman Bill Palatucci said Trump will also be appearing at a separate event in the same venue benefiting the state party. He says those tickets will cost $25,000.

Princeton science lab teacher Martha Friend is organizing a protest rally in the park across the street from the National Guard Armory. "Mr. Trump and Governor, your racist rhetoric won't be tolerated. Our community is about caring and inclusion, not fear and inclusion," reads a flyer on Friend's Facebook page.

"I'm appalled and infuriated that Trump is going to be in my backyard. I'm hoping to gather as many people as possible to raise awareness over his hatemongering," Friend told the Planet Princeton news website.

The Littlebrook Elementary School teacher said she is part of the No Hate in the Garden State group. In an earlier post, Friend said she is a supporter of Hillary Clinton but if Bernie Sanders wins, "I will vote for him — no question."

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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