Police continue their investigation into why a 20-year-old Philadelphia man drove his BMW convertible down the steps of the Art Museum on Friday morning.

BMW that drove down the Phialdelphia Art Museum steps after being towed by police. (WCAU TV)

The unidentified Turkish man went to Philadelphia Police on his own later on Friday and explained that the emergency brake on his car, parked at the top of the stairs, didn't hold the car and it started rolling backwards. He was able to jump in and guide it down the stairs according to  WPVI TV.

The district attorney's office says the car caused about $8,000 in damage to the steps and prosecutors have approved a felony charge of criminal mischief against the driver. Close examination of the steps shows chunks of the steps missing.

In a video that went quickly went viral, the car can be seen making its way down the 72-steps before speeding off in a video captured by blogger HughE Dillon.  "I was a little nervous because he started going down the stairs and I was afraid he was going to roll and it was such an angle" he told WPVI TV.

“At first I couldn’t believe it,” Dillon told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I was a little nervous. I thought he was going to roll.” He says the driver knew what he was doing and was smiling broadly and took a victory lap before driving off.

Police will hold off on filing any charges pending an investigation of the car.

"The Rocky Steps"

Rocky runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum in the first Rocky movie (YouTube)

The steps gained fame as the steps Rocky Balboa ran up during his training in the Rocky movies.





The Associated Press contributed to this report