The mayor of Wildwood has a warning for youngsters and the landlords that let them rent their properties - everyone must behave, or else.

Wildwood Boardwalk (Flickr User: the bridge)

Wildwood and other south Jersey shore towns may become even hotter locales for post-prom celebrations, due to the destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy along the northern part of Jersey's coast. Mayor Ernie Troiano wanted to deliver his message before the mayhem begins.

"If you want to come down and enjoy what we have, you're certainly welcome," Troiano said. "But if you're going to come down here and just be an obnoxious individual...we're going to come down on you."

You must be 21 years old to drink alcohol, but Troiano said people seem to believe that law goes out the window on prom weekend or during senior week.

He said Wildwood officials won't stand for disrespectful and disgusting behavior, such as urinating off balconies and hollering in the streets at 4 a.m.

"It just interrupts all those people who live here," he continued.

Neighbors' properties are being trashed, according to Troiano, and it's their complaints that will help Wildwood's police force find the troublemakers.

The punishments will be handed down to landlords as well if they can't keep their tenants under control.

"(Landlords) are making the money. They're the ones who are not here," he said. "You're living where you are, hearing nothing."

Landlords can be fined for their inaction and potentially lose their license.

"We were all kids at one time, and I understand that kids will be kids, but not to a point where you're just totally disturbing neighborhoods," Troiano said.