I had a meeting today with Senator James "Sonny" McCullough, Mayor of Egg Harbor Township.

After our business was conducted, we talked about old Atlantic City, the Steel Pier, and, we had just a delightful conversation about the old days in Atlantic City.

Senator McCullough provided us with a photo that we now have the permission to publish, showing his great grand father, the former Mayor Anthony Ruffu of Atlantic City.

On this occasion in 1920, the famous actor Rudolph Valentino was appearing at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. It's Mayor Ruffu presenting Valentino with the key to Atlantic City.

And, it is such a delight to see the beautiful WPG microphone flag proudly flying in this truly iconic photo.

This photo could so easily have been lost to the ages. And we're so proud that it will now be in the archives of WPG Talk radio 1450, for this era to enjoy and beyond.

Thank you Senator McCullough for sharing this with the WPG Talk Radio 1450 audience.