Schools are  being extra careful around the country as classes begin for the first time following Friday's mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.


Upper Dublin High School (UDHS school district)

Ridgefield, Connecticut schools were put on lockdown as  police investigated reports of a man with a rifle walking along a highway near a train station. Ridgefield is not far from Newtown in Connecticut's Fairfield County.

The report turned out to be false according to the Connecticut Post.

"At 9:00 AM there were reports of a possibly suspicious person in the Branchville Train Station area.   All schools have been put in lockdown and there is police presence at each building.   Branchville busses were diverted to East Ridge Elementary and BES students are in the auditorium," read an announcement on the school district's website

Police say a suburban Philadelphia high school was briefly locked down after school security mistook a student's umbrella for a gun.

Police say Upper Dublin High School was locked down Monday morning after four male students were spotted on a school security video.

School officials were able to identify one of the students and police quickly located all four students, who were being interviewed.

Monday marks the first full day of classes for most students since 20 children were killed in a shooting at Connecticut elementary school.

An Upper Dublin student said he was herded from the gym into a locker room until the situation was resolved. The sophomore says it makes sense to be alert given Friday's shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Parents are trying to help their children return to school without fear today, in the aftermath of Friday's deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The mother of two children who attend a different school in Newtown says she feels like "we have to get back to normal" -- but Kim Camputo adds, "I don't know if there is normal anymore." The mother of 10-year-old twins in a Miami suburb says for the sake of their children, parents need to hide their own fears.

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