The Senate meets for a rare session today to vote on whether to advance a Democratic bill to lift the government's borrowing cap through the end of next year.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of senators is working on a measure to prevent a government default and to end the partial government shutdown.

Federal shutdown staring to ripple through states

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (C) talks with reporters following a meeting at the White House between Republican members of the U.S. Senate with President Barack Obama (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The federal government shutdown that has idled hundreds of thousands of workers is starting to have ripple effects in states.

Across the nation, around a dozen states already have furloughed hundreds of employees whose paychecks depend on federal money. State officials say thousands of additional employees could be furloughed if the federal budget stalemate isn't resolved this month.

Many of the furloughs have affected state workers who help determine whether people are eligible for disability benefits through Social Security. Others affected include workplace safety inspectors and civilian employees for state National Guard bureaus.

Some states have avoided furloughs by storing up federal money or dipping into state funds. But state officials say that is only a temporary solution.

Statue of Liberty,  some other states reopening nat'l parks

New York state and federal officials have reached an agreement to reopen the Statue of Liberty amid the government shutdown. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state will pay $61,600 a day to fund National Park Service personnel to reopen the popular visitors' destination in New York Harbor.Arizona officials say tourists should be able to return to Grand Canyon National Park today after the state along with several counterparts agreed to a federal government plan.

South Dakota and corporate donors have worked out a deal with the National Park Service to reopen Mount Rushmore beginning Monday.

Pressure on US as global economy meetings near end

A sign along the highway near the entrance to Mount Rushmore National Memorial warns visitors that the park is closed (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

World finance ministers and central bank chiefs are urging the U.S. to take urgent action to resolve the political impasse that's partially shut down the government and delayed passage of a bill to raise the debt ceiling.

The Group of 20 major economies, meeting in Washington, has predicted modest global economic recovery in the coming year, driven mostly by a strengthening U.S. economy.

But its projections may change.

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