Two two teen girls were attacked in a park across the street from Camden High School last week while bystanders used their cell phones to record the fight rather than call police.

Screen shot of fight in Camden in which two teen girls were attacked ( 6 ABC)

16-year-old victim Anastasia Castillo tells 6 ABC a female student last Tuesday called her shoes dirty, touching off an argument. Castillo says she responded by saying the girl who commented was ugly. As she walked home from school with her cousin, Castillo says the two were attacked by a group of students.

In a case similar to an attack over the summer in Salem, bystanders used recorded the fight rather than call police. "Nobody helped! The boy is standing there saying, 'Yay! Yay! Yay! Go ahead!" And she was so big, this girl is bigger than me," Castillo's grandmother,Phyllis Brockington, told 6 ABC.

Nine students have been suspended for 3-4 days according to Anthony Bland, the school district's executive director of Office of Safety and Security; no charges have been filed.