The temperatures have plummeted in New Jersey, and service calls to AAA Mid-Atlantic have skyrocketed.

Getty Images/Christopher Furlong

This past Saturday alone, AAA Mid-Atlantic responded to 8,405 motorists. Year over year, that compares to only 5,073 calls made on the same Saturday last year, up 66 percent.

"Battery calls were the main culprit, up 130 percent year over year," said Tracy Noble, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic. "Tows were up 33 percent. Batteries are always the main reason for calls during the cold weather."

The snow event from Thursday into Friday closed many schools and businesses in New Jersey.

"Many people didn't use their vehicles on Friday and when they went to use it on Saturday after it had been sitting in frigid conditions, their batteries died," Noble said. "This past Saturday was also the first since the New Year. Many people were away for the holidays and their vehicles sat unused. It created the perfect storm between weather and the return home."

Noble said drivers need to ensure that their batteries are in working order, even recommending testing or replacing batteries outright as colder temperatures set in.

"It's a good idea to take care of it before the cold weather comes," Noble said, "but it's certainly not too late to do so now."