Has the New Jersey Devil been caught on video?

We post, you decide.

Weird NJ reports it has received a letter from a reader named Emily from Little Egg Harbor claiming to have seen "a red animal with a long neck and horns" leaping in the woods of Leeds Point. The middle school teacher "swears on her mother's grave" the video is not a hoax, according to the report.

Most of the commenters to the Weird NJ story don't believe its real.

"This person should be ashamed mocking the Jersey Devil this way ... its an insult to him and to all of us proud Jerseyans who love his legend," wrote Gail Brown.

"OMG !!!!! Looks like a stuffed animal flying through the air. Come on!! They couldn't be a little more realistic ???? LMAO," posted Carolyn Davis Daubach.

Chris Novack, however, is a believer: "I cant believe all the conspirators who insist this shocking video is somehow 'faked' Sorry, Photoshop doesn't work that way, folks! I believe."