Many of us are in no rush to see summer end, but our friends at AccuWeather have released their predictions for fall.

AccuWeather says temperatures may be above normal towards the beginning of fall, however the infamous polar vortex could rear its ugly head every once and a while, which could send a little chill our way.  That chill could become a little more persistent by the middle of fall as cold air may quickly start to build in Canada.  AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok says, "temperatures will not be as extreme in November when compared to last year, but October could be an extreme month."

AccuWeather goes on to say, November appears to be a rainy month, and then El Niño will make its debut early this winter, fueling early season snow across our area. Pastelok says, "The Northeast could have a couple of big storms in December and early January."

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