This is so cool. Something is about to happen (tomorrow) for the first time in 909 years. The last time it happened was on November 11, 1111 to be exact.

It's called a Palindrome, and, it's very, very rare. By strict definition, Palindrome is a Noun. A word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward.

This numeric Palindromic day, 02/02/2020 is also a world-wide calendar phenomenon. This eight-digit rarity will affect: The United States, Europe and Asia all at the same time.

It's so unusual for this to line-up in this manner on all of these continents, because many Asian Countries begin with the year, while we begin with the month; when we list the month, date and year.

That's why this occurrence is so rare. I find this to be utterly fascinating. I hope that it is at least of some interest to you. This won't occur again for another 101 years on December 12, 2121, or, 12/12/21.

It will not occur again after that until March 3, 3030, (03/03/3030) a full 909 years later. To take this even further ... to the absolute ridiculous, the next time we'll see a Palindrome after that is April 4, 4040, (04/04/4040) 1010 years later.

Many (most) generations go a lifetime without experiencing a Palindrome. We will experience ours tomorrow.

IT'S ALSO THE SUPER BOWL & GROUNDHOG DAY It also just happens to be The NFL Super Bowl and Groundhog Day. I have made it one of my annual traditions to watch the Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell movie "Groundhog Day" every year on Groundhog Day. It's a fabulous movie.

NOTE: Here are the official rules played by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day: On February 2nd each year, Punxsutawney Phil predicts the weather. If "Phil" sees his shadow, then we're in for six more weeks of weather. If it's cloudy and "Phil" doesn't see his shadow, the forecast is for an early Spring. Tomorrow's (Sunday) weather forecast in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania calls for occasional snow showers with rain in the afternoon, high 41 degrees. There's a good chance that "Phil" will not see his shadow. That would be just great. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this report with you. To you and yours, thanks for reading, and here's to a very Happy Palindrome/Super Bowl/Groundhog Day to you and yours.

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