Being a police officer isn't always about traffic stops and arrests. Sometimes they're also faced with life-and-death situations requiring quick action.

Police in New Jersey have come to the aid of people at least three times in the past week.

Preventing tragedy on Rt. 287

On Wednesday, Riverdale Sgt. Greg Bogert responded to I-287 near exit 53 in response to reports of a man that was walking in and out of traffic on the busy roadway. When Bogert found the individual, he appeared distraught in a dashboard camera released by police. As the officer got out of his patrol car, the man took off running in an apparent attempt to jump off the bridge.

The officer runs after the individual, tackling him to the ground, and keeping the sobbing man from jumping. Authorities say the distraught man was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

An Epi-Pen and quick reflexes

When police were called after a 13-year-old boy with peanut allergies accidentally ate peanut butter Sunday at Yang Ji Presbyterian Church, Galloway Township Sgt. Vincent Ceci knew exactly what to do, according to The Press of Atlantic City.

Ceci used the Epi-Pen - which police in the township have been carrying with them since 2014 - to administer a life-saving dose of medication to the boy, according to the article. The teen survived the ordeal thanks to the sergeant's use of the Epi-Pen. The story states that he was later taken to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center for further treatment.

Not on his watch

Bellmawr Patrolman Jared Walton knew something didn't seem quite right Monday when he saw a vehicle parked "in an abnormal location" near a local business at 1:45 a.m., Bellmawr Police said.

Police say when the officer investigated, he found two people in the vehicle. The windows were up, the motor was running and a hose was attached to the exhaust pipe with the other end inside the vehicle, the post states.

Walton spoke to the occupants who said they were "going through some tough times and wanted to end their lives." He then called for assistance and the two individuals were transported to a local hospital for assistance, police said.

"If not for the actions of this officer the end result would have been fatal," the department said in a statement.

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