HAMILTON (Mercer) — The man accused of killing a 39-year-old woman and burning her body at a local cemetery told police that she died during rough sex with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck, according to an affidavit.

Lisa Lloyd's severely burned remains were found Tuesday morning at a Hamilton cemetery, Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo Onofri said. Harley Wildmann, 42, of Hamilton is charged with first-degree murder for the Ewing woman's death.

According to a criminal complaint, Wildmann confessed to his involvement in Lloyd's death. But he insisted that it was an accident that happened while the two were in bed together.

(Brian McCarthy On Scene News)
Investigators at the scene of a reported burned body at a Hamilton cemetery on Tuesday 7/27/2022. (Brian McCarthy On Scene News)

Wildmann told police he met the victim on a dating app, "Skip the Games," and that they agreed to meet at his place, the complaint said. The app describes itself as an "escort finder," though the affidavit does not refer to Wildmann or Lloyd as an escort.

Wildmann insisted that Lloyd agreed to have her hands and feet zip tied during sex, the affidavit said. It also stated that he had tied an electrical cord around her neck for "erotic asphyxiation."

The two were performing sex acts on each when Lloyd began to groan, twitch and convulse, Wildmann said according to the complaint. Wildmann told police that she soon lost consciousness and died.

Once Wildmann realized that the woman had died, he admitted that he wrapped her body in a blanket and put it into a trash can, the affidavit said. He left the body there for a day before moving it into the bed of his pickup truck.

Lisa Lloyd with her husband. Lloyd's body was found at St. Mary Cemetery. (Facebook/Brian McCarthy On Scene News)
Lisa Lloyd with her husband. Lloyd's body was found at St. Mary Cemetery. (Facebook/Brian McCarthy On Scene News)

The complaint said that Wildmann went to buy gasoline and thought up the plan to discard her body while driving. It added that he admitted to driving to St. Mary's Cemetery on Clover Avenue, where he set the trash can and Lloyd's body on fire.

The Mercer County Prosecutor's Office said that surveillance video from around the cemetery showed Wildmann's Chevy pickup truck stopped there around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday. The video also showed a large fire next to the pickup truck several minutes after it had stopped.

According to the complaint, a search of Wildmann's home found zip ties, a gas can, and a sawed-off pump shotgun.

Lloyd's husband, whose Facebook profile says he lives in North Dakota, mourned the loss of his wife and "soulmate" on Wednesday.

"RIP Lisa," said Joseph Giadyu. "She no more."

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