Two students of the late, great and yes legendary Malcom Perkins have advised that the Ninja Academy in Ventnor City, New Jersey closed this past Sunday, September 25 after 46 years in operation.

Grand Master Malcolm S. Perkins, Esquire passed away on October 6, 2014, yet his legacy and The Ninja Academy of Ventnor continued to live on.

Dojo means "Place of Enlightenment.”

Larry Lancôme summed it all up this way:

Ninja, was so much more than a martial arts Dojo. Over the many years that Malcolm Perkins and his son Ryan Perkins ran this dojo, it was a home to many. No one was left out, no one was turned away. If you truly desired to learn and were willing to work hard they would open the door and call you brother or sister. After Master Mal passed Master Ryan assumed the role of owner/operator and Sensei to all of us. When I was down and out he let me mop floors and clean to earn my keep never breaking a sweat about it. This is a sad day for so many in our community. Its not just the loss of a Dojo, or another business its the end of a legacy that built and empowered so many.

The passion, love and respect in these comments is a beautiful thing to see.

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Tom Forkin was another student of Master Mal. Forkin was no less passionate in his words than Lancôme.

“Having trained at NINJA from the early 1980s through the mid-2020s it's heartbreaking to see the first full contact club in the Region close. We just didn't get our Black Belts there we made lifelong friendships. Since Founder Malcolm Perkins passed membership had dwindled. He was both a friend and mentor to The Who passed through our DOJO. Teaching us "nothing is impossible to a willing mind". His legacy lives on in many of his students Dojos like Masters Guy Loggi at Lovhos MMA; Ernie Kirk at Kirk's Karate (West Chester) and Brian Morgange at Freestyle Martial Arts. Countless Police officers and Special Operators passed through Ninja. Including Sheriff Eric Sheffler: Chief Steve Biagi; Tommy Ellison; even Congressman Frank Lobiondo, as well as Doc John Baker and his wife Anne. The Ninja Legacy lives on in the hearts and souls of our Family,” said Forkin.

Loyalty is a quality characteristic trait that is in rare supply in America these days. It is so apparent to see, the fierce loyalty that Master Mal’s students had for him in life and in death.

Sadly, the Ninja Academy of Ventnor has joined a record number of long-time businesses that have closed this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been cruel and continues to punish America in many undeserved ways.

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